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Please Remember Who You Are & Stop Letting Irrelevant People Camp Out In Your Life!

Stop Giving Attention To People Who Treat You Like You Are Not Worth Their Time! Hello?! Hello?! I want to make sure this message gets through to somebody who may be questioning their worth because of the actions of a... Continue Reading →

Letters To Simon in the Cocoa Brown #Poetry

So let's avoid the fact that I think of you about as deep as the accuracy of five packets of sugar and two creams added to my morning coffee. Let's avoid the fact that I adore every feature of your... Continue Reading →

I’m Independent But I Still Need My King!

The rise of the Black Queen understanding her worth and ability to survive despite her Kings being misplaced from their rightful throne has awakened many. We as Queens are being forced to be strong because the society we live in... Continue Reading →

‘Just Feel’ -Poetry by Me (Tanisha D. Davis)

"When did it become okay not to 'feel'? This society we live so unreal. See its okay to exchange moments as long as you never own it. Its okay to take in the excitement love brings but to pour... Continue Reading →

Falling In Love With Me Again!

I have been through so much in life that it is definitely worthy of being composed in a book. Just to alert my readers, I am actually working on a book about my life. I have decided to stop procrastinating... Continue Reading →

Finding Your Way Back To Love After A Break-Up

Finding Your Way Back To 'You' Can Be A Rough Journey. Finding your way back to love after a terrible break-up can be difficult. No one likes breaking up but it’s part of everyday life. You find yourself growing further... Continue Reading →

5 Questions All Single Men Should Ask When Dating!

Before you get too serious… Is the new woman in your life a keeper or a player?  Questions all single men should definitely consider asking any woman prior to making a commitment. Now we have read over a dozen books... Continue Reading →

How To Keep Your Man Happy!

So exactly how do you keep your man happy?  How to keep a man happy? Well the average woman will probably have a million responses. I can hear some of you now saying there is no exact way to keep... Continue Reading →

Yoga For Anxiety: 6 Poses To Reduce Stress And Support Mental Health

Yoga can be the most efficient way to relieve the body and mind of stress. Studies show that roughly 40 million U.S. adults suffer from anxiety. That makes stress & anxiety one of the most common mental illnesses in the country.... Continue Reading →

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