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#ASKStarr: Question of The Day

Dear Starr, "I've been dating this guy for about 3 months and he's great so far. Respects my decision to not have sex, provides for me without me asking, motivates me to follow my dream, is dating for marriage, no... Continue Reading →


You Can’t Make Him See Your Worth

  “We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves.” ― Malcolm X  We all want to be adored and accepted by the person that you have an interest, or love towards. It... Continue Reading →

If They Are Interested…They Will Make An Effort

 So you like them right? You are hoping that they like you just as much as you like them, so therefore you are making every bit of effort to show them just how you feel. The question is, "Are they... Continue Reading →

Let’s Discuss Trending Topics: Kevin Hart Scandal & More! #Radio #Broadcast

// Check out the latest episode on the show by hitting the link above. Be sure to #Follow the Show! We are #LIVE every Wednesday night at 5:30pm CT/6:30pm Est/3:30pm PT.

You Can’t Make Them Appreciate You

We all would like to believe that if we do all we can for the ones that we love, it will lead to them appreciating us more. Right? Truth is that, not everyone is going to have the same heart... Continue Reading →

It’s Complicated Poetry

Look I'm sorry that I was never the one that you highly admired and spoke on, The one who called you daily just to make sure you were straight and um.... I'm sorry that I wasn't the one you really... Continue Reading →

Please Remember Who You Are & Stop Letting Irrelevant People Camp Out In Your Life!

Stop Giving Attention To People Who Treat You Like You Are Not Worth Their Time! Hello?! Hello?! I want to make sure this message gets through to somebody who may be questioning their worth because of the actions of a... Continue Reading →

Letters To Simon in the Cocoa Brown #Poetry

So let's avoid the fact that I think of you about as deep as the accuracy of five packets of sugar and two creams added to my morning coffee. Let's avoid the fact that I adore every feature of your... Continue Reading →

I’m Independent But I Still Need My King!

The rise of the Black Queen understanding her worth and ability to survive despite her Kings being misplaced from their rightful throne has awakened many. We as Queens are being forced to be strong because the society we live in... Continue Reading →

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