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Michelle Williams Reveals She Was Suicidal at the Height of Destiny’s Child Fame

Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams got real personal and opened up about her struggles with depression while guest co-hosting ‘The Talk’ on Wednesday. During the show, she revealed that she was suicidal while being part of Destiny’s Child despite the... Continue Reading →


#ASKStarr: Question of The Day

Dear Starr, "I've been dating this guy for about 3 months and he's great so far. Respects my decision to not have sex, provides for me without me asking, motivates me to follow my dream, is dating for marriage, no... Continue Reading →

Lebron James Opens Up & Takes Over ‘GQ’

Lebron James is GQ‘s cover star this month, flooding the publication with snaps and a photos designed to shine the light on the athlete’s world view, legacy, athleticism and feelings towards the sport that has made him one of the... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Make Him See Your Worth

  “We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves.” ― Malcolm X  We all want to be adored and accepted by the person that you have an interest, or love towards. It... Continue Reading →

Nelly Arrested After Rape Allegation

In a developing story, it’s being reported rapper Nelly has been arrested after being accused of rape. Full story below…  Via TMZ: Law enforcement sources tell us, a woman claims she was raped on the rapper’s tour bus in Washington, where he’s been... Continue Reading →

Jackie Chan Says Rush Hour 4 Is Happening, but There’s a Catch and it Involves Chris Tucker

A decade has passed since Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker last shared the screen together, but it appears fans are now finally closer than ever to a Rush Hour 4. The veteran film actor shared the exciting news during an appearance on Power 106's The Cruz Show,... Continue Reading →

Watch: Tina Campbell Clears Up Controversy Around Her Support of President Trump

In addition to promoting the final season of WETv’s hit reality series, ‘Mary Mary,’ ‘Speak the Word’ wailer Tina Campbell took to daytime talk show ‘The Real’ to speak on the controversy surrounding her recently reiterated support of sitting president Donald Trump. As fans of the songstress... Continue Reading →

Bobby Brown Loses In Court, TV One Airing ‘Bobbi Kristina’ Movie Anyway!

According to the, Bobby Brown has failed at his legal attempt to stop TV One from airing the Bobbi Kristina movie. A judge ruled in the network’s favor. TV One states exclusively, "Today the court rejected a motion for a preliminary injunction filed by Bobby... Continue Reading →

Little Richard Hints He’s No Longer Gay: Says You’ve got to live the way God wants you to live.

     Little Richard Hints He’s No Longer Gay At age 84, Little Richard is opening up about his love for God and how despite people being gay or bi-sexual, the Lord still loves them. In the past, the rock ‘n’ roll... Continue Reading →

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